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If you have dirty rain gutters on your property, then our gutter cleaning service can put a change to that. But let’s not rush into things—we should introduce ourselves first. We are Losi Pro Wash, a locally owned business. We are proud to pressure wash surfaces in Bremerton, WA, as well as many additional service areas. This is exactly why we’re happy to provide you with gutter pressure washing, too. Of course, it’s worth noting that this process doesn’t actually include pressure washing. We use a combination of soft washing, as well as gentle brushing, instead. This is because gutters are made of thin, delicate materials. We wouldn’t want to leave any permanent marks behind while removing dirt and stains. Leave it to us to get the job done right, causing absolutely zero damage along the way!

Gutter cleaning requires us to climb up ladders and work at an altitude. This might worry you, but don’t worry. We’ve done this work hundreds of times before, and each time was a resounding success. Watch as our crew safely holds the ladder tight, brushing away any stains and stripes on the gutters’ exteriors. This procedure brightens the gutters instantly, helping add curb appeal to any property. This curb appeal is crucial for businesses, which need to look great to draw in more customers. Keep this in mind as you consider a gutter washing appointment for your building!

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Gutter Cleanouts Services

Gutter cleanouts are when we climb up high to remove any debris inside the gutters by hand. This allows gutters to more easily channel water to the ground without overflowing. Your roof will thank you for helping it avoid excessive amounts of moisture.

Gutter Brightening Services

Our gutter brightening services make any property shine a little brighter. We know that since gutters hang around outdoors all day, they don’t often get a chance to take a bath. That’s why we’ll make sure we give them a long and thorough one. Your grey, brown, or green gutters will quickly reveal a white surface underneath.

Gutter Stripe Removal Services

Stripes can form on the outsides of gutters as a result of overflowing water, so try out gutter stripe removal if you want to remedy this illness. We can brush away the stripes, making the rain gutters look nice and clean again. On top of this, we’ll also remove the debris from inside the gutters. That way, tiger stripes don’t happen again for a long, long time.

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It’s hard to complain about a gutter washing company that does the job right for a fair price. At Losi Pro Wash, we fit this description to a T, and you can see it for yourself during your appointment. We’ve washed so many gutters in our time as a business, that we feel like we could do it in our sleep! 

Expect us to finish the work efficiently, leaving you with the entire rest of the day to use however you’d like. Additionally, you’ll find our prices (with no hidden fees attached) to be quite reasonable. You don’t have to clean out your wallet just to have us clean out your gutters!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gutters naturally accumulate dirt and debris inside when they are used. However, they can only continue to do their job if this debris is cleared out of the way. Additionally, the exteriors of gutters can also become dirty. While this does not technically make gutters work worse, it does make them look worse. Our gutter washing helps gutters look and work better by cleaning them inside and out.

This is ultimately up to you. However, as a general guideline, you might want to try twice-a-year gutter cleaning. This helps ensure cleanliness and functionality year-round.

As explained before, tiger stripes are caused by overflowing water inside the gutter. More accurately, they’re caused by the sediment that overflowing water carries with it. These stripes can sometimes be hard to remove, but don’t worry, as Losi Pro Wash will make it happen.

Well, how many gutters do you have? This is the baseline for any gutter cleaning appointment cost. Why don’t you let us know what we’ll be working with by contacting us online? We’ll be happy to get you set up with a cost estimate when you do.

Consider roof cleaning, window washing, or even house washing while we’re at your property. We can perform these duties alongside gutter cleaning so your property can be the best-looking one on the block!

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