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A quality house washing company can ensure you great results for a reasonable price. The name of this company, as it so turns out, is Losi Pro Wash!

House Washing Services in Bremerton, WA

Bremerton, WA has many neighborhoods, and that’s why our house washing service is so important. Someone has to keep those homes clean. The good news for you is that Losi Pro Wash is prepared to lend you a helping hand Monday through Saturday. If you’re less-than-pleased with your house’s appearance, give us a shout. We’ll be at your residence in no time with a complete house washing lineup. This includes not just hoses, hose tips, and pumps, but a team that knows how to use this equipment correctly, too. Leave it to our knowledgeable crew to use these tools to their full potential. Our team will wash away all the debris from your home’s outside walls, making them look cleaner and brighter than ever before.

What sorts of debris do we remove from the outsides of homes? This debris includes dirt as well as undesirable growths like algae, moss, and mold. These organic substances are best dealt with using our soft washing procedure. Soft washing brings together the forces of hot water and cleaning agents. Together, they eliminate whatever hold those growths have on your outside walls. (This helps prevent their return for as long as possible, too.) If you are a property manager/realtor looking to sell a house, you should definitely consider our house washing. It’s a vital part of appealing to and drawing in the greatest amount of buyers. After all, wouldn’t you rather purchase a clean house than a dirty one?

House Washing Services in Bremerton, WA

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Our House Washing Services

Vinyl House Washing Services

Need to schedule vinyl house washing from Losi Pro Wash? When we wash vinyl homes, we use low pressure water, as anything too strong can damage the vinyl’s surface. Count on us to make that vinyl shine in a quick and timely manner!

Brick House Washing Services

Brick house washing is helpful when your home’s outside walls are covered with dirt, moss, and algae. We take care to ensure all cracks and crevices present in the brick are washed thoroughly. Leave it to us to make sure no edges or corners are left uncleaned. It’s our pleasure to provide you with the best results possible.

Stucco House Washing Services

Our stucco house washing is the best choice in the area for houses made of this sturdy, durable material. It’s strong enough to withstand pressure washing, so we’ll use maximum water pressure to blast away debris. This project shouldn’t take us long to complete at all!

Fully Insured & Bonded House Pressure Washing Bremerton, WA

A house is a big investment. This is exactly why you don’t want to hire a house pressure washing business that might cause damage. Choose Losi Pro Wash instead! We are always putting a cautious foot forward, ensuring we don’t leave scuff marks around your property. We are also mindful when it comes to property protection. That’s why we always use the appropriate amount of water pressure for each surface we’re faced with. On top of this, we are completely insured and bonded, giving you yet another reason to put your full faith in Losi Pro Wash!

House Pressure Washing Bremerton, WA

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Frequently Asked Questions

By using the correct amount of water pressure and being mindful of where we’re pointing our pressure washing hoses, we can avoid all damage. This alone is all it takes to avoid scratches, scuff marks, or dents from appearing as a result of our work.

Earlier, we mentioned that we can wash houses made of vinyl, brick, and stucco. Some of the other materials we can clean include wood, metal, and concrete. In addition to standard houses, we also wash duplexes, apartment buildings, and home-based offices.

On top of dirt and grime, we remove organic growths such as moss, algae, mildew, and more. Since the PNW’s climate is like a rainforest, these invaders can take over your house’s surfaces quickly. Our techniques, combined with cleaning agents, can strike these growths down fast and prevent their return for a long time.

The total money owed for the project depends on how much work we have to do. We recommend that you contact us online with detailed info about the house washing job. That way, we can provide you with an accurate—and complimentary—cost estimate.

Want us to wash more than just the house’s outside walls? We can also clean your garage, driveway, windows, gutters, and so much more! We do it all at Losi Pro Wash so you don’t have to, and what’s more, we do it all for a reasonable price.

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