Solar Panel Cleaning services in bremerton, wa

Solar Panel Cleaning Company in Bremerton, WA

It can be difficult to find a good solar panel cleaning company, but fortunately, your search is finally over. Book service with Losi Pro Wash and see the difference we can make!

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Bremerton, WA

Our solar panel cleaning service isn’t just a great way to make your property look better. It also helps you generate more energy, too! Here’s why. Over time, dust, dirt, and other kinds of debris will inevitably gather on your solar panels. When this happens, it doesn’t just make them lose their sparkle. It also means they absorb less sunlight—and that means they produce less electricity as a result! You shouldn’t have to put up with a loss of functionality and a messy look. Put an end to both problems at once with Losi Pro Wash. We’re Bremerton, WA’s go-to pressure washers, and we’ll be happy to make your solar panels squeaky clean. We’ll do the best job possible so your solar panels can do the same!

When washing your solar panels, we will use a reverse osmosis system to filter our water. This removes small particles and minerals so your solar panels get the cleanest wash possible. We won’t leave residue behind, and we’ll ensure that no damage occurs to your expensive solar panels. However, we understand if you still have reservations about this service, as solar panels can be so costly. Bear in mind that we are fully bonded and insured. Your property, as well as our team, are protected in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Don’t fret, though, as we’ve provided this service time and time again, and things always went according to plan!

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Bremerton, WA

What We Do Best

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Our professional solar panel cleaning lives up to the description. Our services are always provided by trustworthy members of your community. They dress neatly, treat you with respect, and know how to clean solar panels correctly. Expect a shine that lasts for a price that’ll make you smile.

Cleaning Solar Panels on Roof

When you need a team to clean solar panels on the roof, our team is ready to “rise” to the occasion. We’ll carefully climb up using ladders, and while we wash the solar panels, we’ll treat your roof with care. That way, it doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Commercial Solar Cleaning Service

Our commercial solar cleaning is perfect for local businesses. Solar panels are important components of commercial buildings, helping power them through day-to-day hours. By having us wash and shine those panels, you’ll make it so they can collect as much sunshine as possible.

Cost of Solar Panel Washing Near Me

Some companies out there make the cost of solar panel washing outrageous! At Losi Pro Wash, we take a different approach. As a locally owned business that doesn’t have expensive operating costs, we provide our customers with reasonable rates they can get behind. Contact us today, let us know how many solar panels you’d like us to wash, and tell us where we can meet you. That way, we can prepare an accurate cost estimate for your consideration. We have a hunch that you’ll like what we tell you! Remember, there are no hidden fees at Losi Pro Wash. No need to worry about any surprises when it comes time to pay your dues.

Solar Panel Washing Near Me

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

When working with expensive solar panels, we always take extra caution. We only use low-pressure, particle-free water to wash their surfaces. We also maintain a full insurance policy not just for our protection, but for your protection, too.

We are happy to clean solar panels, even those on roofs. Other services we provide, such as roof cleaning and gutter cleaning, already take us up high. We have experience with working at an altitude and know how to stay safe while we’re up there.

Cleaning one or two solar panels shouldn’t take us long at all. The more solar panels there are, though, the longer you can expect the process to take. Our aim is never to waste time—that’s why we keep our eyes on the clock and make sure we’re not wasting even a minute. Contact us today and tell us about your solar panels. We’ll be happy to estimate the length of your appointment for you.

Solar panels that are clean look better and function better, too. They are able to capture more of the sun’s rays, meaning more solar energy can be produced.

Before we arrive for your solar panel cleaning, we will ask that you switch them off and disconnect the power. We are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. If you’d like, schedule service with us closer to sunset. That way, you can lose the least amount of “sunshine hours” possible for your solar panels.

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