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How do you know if it’s time for a window cleaning service? Do you see patches of grime, flecks of dirt, and any other forms of debris on your windows? If so, it’s a sure sign. If this description matches your property’s windows, don’t hesitate to reach out to Losi Pro Wash. We are the local window washing pros near you, and we’d love to remove that grime from your windows next. In fact, in many cases, we can be there as soon as today or tomorrow. Check out our appointment availability by contacting us online. Just send us a short description of the windows around your property. Then, we can choose a time and date for your service together. We’ll also provide you with a cost estimate for our window washing appointment before we even show up!

Of course, the real fun begins when our window washing crew arrives. Expect to meet a team that’s dressed in clean uniforms and equipped with all the right equipment for the job. This includes reverse osmosis water filters, also known as RO filters. “Reverse osmosis” is the process of removing particles/minerals from washing water. This allows us to wash your windows with 100% clean water without leaving any sediment behind. This is precisely why we can guarantee you flawless results!

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Our Window Cleaning Services

Water Fed Pole Service

Our water fed poles are long washing instruments that we can use to clean high-up windows! These poles work in conjunction with our reverse osmosis filters. That way, they can channel clean, particle-free water onto your windows. Our water fed poles often let us complete window washing jobs without having to use ladders.

Two-Story Window Cleaning Service

In the event of two-story window cleaning, our water fed poles are usually long enough to get the job done. In the case that they aren’t, though, we will use ladders to complete the job. We always keep ladders in the back of our vehicle. When using them, we always keep three limbs on the rungs at all times to prevent the risk of falling and/or injury.

Exterior Window Cleaning Service

Windows face the outside world all day long, which is why exterior window cleaning is important. Gathered debris, such as dirt, dead bugs, and mud, will be no problem for us to remove. That way, your view of the outside world is nice and crystal clear!

Safe And Professional Window Pressure Washing Bremerton, WA

Window pressure washing, as nice as it might sound, isn’t an accurate description of what we do. This is because pressure washing a window is too harsh of a process for it to endure. Don’t worry, though. Our water fed poles provide you with the same clean results that pressure washing is known for. You will find that your windows will be completely free of debris once we’re done with them. There won’t be any scratches, scuff marks, or cracks left behind, either.

Window Pressure Washing Bremerton, WA

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s up to the individual. However, our recommendation is to have your windows washed twice a year. It’s an effective method to reduce the aggregation of debris over the course of time. It keeps your windows sparkling and beautiful, too.

Imagine water filled with sediment and minerals channeling through a very thin filter. This filter has small holes in it that allow water to pass through. However, those other particles are caught by the filter one after another. This gives us clean water that we can use to wash your windows without leaving residue behind.

Just be there shortly before we begin our work so we can provide you with an upfront quote. After this, you can leave and do whatever you’d like with the time. While we’re washing your windows, you can go out to eat, have fun, or run errands. Expect us to contact you when we’re done a short while later.

Of course, we can’t bring all our heavy-duty equipment inside of your house. As a courtesy, though, we are willing to wash the inside-facing panes with more portable tools, such as squeegees.

As many as you need us to! Just expect the total length and cost of the project to scale accordingly. Our aim at Losi Pro Wash is to always work quickly while providing you with reasonable prices. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with us!c

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