Fence Cleaning services in bremerton, wa

Fence Cleaning Company in Bremerton, WA

A full-service fence cleaning company can really make your fences look as good as new. With that in mind, why not contact Losi Pro Wash today?

Fence Cleaning Services in Bremerton, WA

Scheduling fence cleaning services from us might be the best decision you make this year! We are Losi Pro Wash, and we are Bremerton, WA’s pressure washing whizzes. It’s our pleasure to journey through the area, washing fences of all shapes and sizes for our clients. In fact, we’d love to clean your fence next. We know that your fence has served you obediently for years. While you appreciate its loyalty, you probably wish you could make it look as good as new again. This is finally possible thanks to our professional pressure washing crew. They’ll check out your fence, wash it up and down, and grant it a glow that you haven’t seen since it was first installed. That way, you’ll be proud of your fence, knowing it’s both durable and beautiful, ready to serve you for years to come!

In most cases, we recommend a soft wash procedure for your fence. This is especially true if your fence is covered with organic growths like moss, algae, and mold. These substances pop up often thanks to our area’s climate. It’s like a tropical rainforest out here, encouraging plants and fungi to grow on your fences. We’ll send these growths packing with spray after spray of hot water. This water is also infused with cleaning agents. This strikes the growths down, removing their visible presence and destroying any seeds and spores they leave behind, too.

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What We Do Best

Our Fence Cleaning Services

Fence Pressure Washing Service

Fences gather dirt and debris over time, which is why our fence pressure washing is important. With this service, you’ll be able to turn back time to a point when those fences were completely clean. We accomplish this with an array of washing equipment. This includes hoses, hose tips, brushes, and more!

Fence Power Washing Service

Fence power washing is a safe process for many different fencing materials. Similarly, our team keeps their personal safety in mind, too. During this process, expect us to wear protective gear, including gloves, eyewear, and even earplugs. After all, power washing equipment has a tendency to get loud!

Fence Restoration Service

With our fence restoration, you can make your fence look as good as new. This is because the process removes tough-sitting debris from the fence’s surfaces. This includes dirt and even tough-to-remove plants and fungi like algae, moss, and mold. We’ll send these freeloading growths packing so your fence can once again be the pride of your property.

Porch Cleaning in Bremerton, WA

Our porch cleaning in Bremerton, WA is another service worth your consideration. The porch is the first thing you and your visitors walk across when they enter your home, and that means two things. One, it’s a gathering site for dirt and debris. Two, it’s also what makes the first impression on everyone who passes through. Counterintuitive, isn’t it? We understand the importance of first impressions, so count on us to give your porch a thorough cleaning. We won’t leave any debris behind, including frustrating organics like moss and algae. This is a great way to prevent people from slipping and falling on your porch.

(By the way, property managers who are trying to sell a house… that first impression is going to be important to any prospective buyers. It’s indicative of how well-kept the property as a whole is. So put a good face forward, so to speak. Have us wash the porch, the fence, all the exterior walls… whatever you’d like us to do, we’re prepared to do it!

Fence Cleaning Company in Bremerton, WA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we will always use the appropriate level of water pressure for the job. In addition, we also don protective gear when needed, maintain a full insurance policy, and exercise caution during your appointment. We only spray dirty surfaces and nothing else. We have years of experience in this field, so trust our expertise!

There are many different kinds of materials that fences are made of, and we’re prepared to wash them all. Iron bar fences, wooden fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences, and vinyl fences are just a few examples of the fences we clean.

On top of dirt, we can also remove organic growths that would otherwise be able to spread like wildfire. Our soft washing technique, which makes use of hot water and cleaning agents, puts a swift end to anything rooted on your fence so that it can’t propagate any further.

Losi Pro Wash is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment! If you’re fast on the draw, you might even discover that a same-day or next-day availability window is open!

While we’re washing your fence, it only makes sense for us to also wash gates, fence post bases, and other nearby surfaces, such as driveways or blacktops. Let us know what you’d like us to clean, and we’ll be glad to help! After all, Losi Pro Wash won’t be satisfied until you are!

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